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Restorative Yin Yoga

Seedlings Retreats is super excited to be extending their offering to their community by providing gentle Hatha yoga classes each Thursday evening.


Clare Daneski, Seedlings' private yoga teacher is delighted to share all she loves within the luxury of the Harbour House. Fire light, mats await, fluffy blankets and pillows here to support.





Hatha will encourage a slow flow and yummy movement rebalancing, energising, grounding. Not forgetting nourishing each one of our beautiful clients. All ages abilities welcome.


Proud to continue providing luxury environments that nurture growth through the modalities of breath, movement and ice! What's not to love?


Biography: Clare has 20 years experience of practising and sharing the benefits of the beautiful restorative art of yoga movement. Life has taken away our abilities to feel, through the consistent urgencies of everything, busyness of mind and bodies. Clare cherishes making people feel: feel their bodies, feel connected, feel their being.

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"A slice of calm and cosy, Clare’s yoga class at seedlings is exactly what we all need, soothing and releasing. I went into seedlings grumpy and frazzled, and came out calm yet energised."
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