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Cold Water Therapy

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Cold water emersion has enabled me to seek calm within the chaos, make the uncomfortable slightly more comfortable and empowered myself to become my best version.


I am healthier, calmer, wiser, slimmer and more energic. If I could shout from the roof tops about the power of cold water and breath I would, but for the time being I will continue with love and good intention to share through my weekly classes, bespoke events, 121s and Wellness Retreats. Our workshops allow you all time to just be.




Out of your head, into your own internal world, asking yourself what do I need in this moment right here, right now. Allowing the breath to calm you, allowing the water to challenge you, no time to reflect on the past or fret about the future, the water plants you slap bang in the moment. Healing, nurturing, empowering. Cold water is the perfect tonic. 10 degrees of water (tap water cold is around 18) increases your dopamine by 250%.


All our cold water experiences are lovingly guided by the nasal breath with Jen, this can directly influence your nervous system taking you out of fight and flight into a calm and restorative state. Being an experienced breathwork master and cold water therapist I will guide you safely through the experience. I have a fabulous ice bath with accommodates 4 at any one time, supplied by Stock Tank UK with air source chilling machine. The temp range is 5 degrees to 40!

Guests experience contrast therapy through the use of the Hot Tub and Ice Bath, a perfect combination for increasing dopamine, reducing anxiety. immune system reboots, and reduce muscle pain and soreness. What’s not to love? Game changer, life changer!


"After hurting my back on Sunday I wanted to do some hot and cold contrast therapy to help release my tight muscles, but let’s face it a hot water bottle and a bag of frozen pea’s doesn’t really cut it when you’re in so much pain you can’t sit, can’t stand and can’t lie, I couldn’t go to the sea as I was really unsteady on my feet and the sea is too warm at this time of year!!
This is where lovely Jen could save the day for me. We decided to do 5 days of contrast therapy. It’s been so so lovely to be able to sit in the hot tub and float feeling no pain and let the heat relax my muscles then dip into the ice bath which Jen set at 8 degrees which for me is a perfect temp, that gave me my dopamine hit and helped reduce inflammation in my lower back…then out to get dressed and have a hot cup of herbal tea it’s honestly been so good for me this week. I know the benefits of hot and cold treatment but had no way of being able to give myself that type of treatment properly. Jen helped me undress when I was in my most pain and helped me in and out of the tubs which made me feel safe and looked after, we did Breathwork when I was feeling emotional and chatted and laughed when I was feeling better. It’s helped my muscles and my frame of mind so much this week, I will miss this once I’m back at work! Thank you so much Jen xxx"
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- Marie

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