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Breathwork Classes

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Are you seeking some calm within the chaos of life? Do you need a clearer mind? Lower blood pressure? Reduce anxiety? Inner peace? Time to rest and restore?

"Hey just breathe. The breath being the fingerprint of our emotions, powerful and unique to ourselves. Remember the calm is merely a breath away."


Mindful meditations guided by the breath is my first love, the first modality I studied during my healing. Enjoying the moment coming out of your mind into your body was, and still is, so healing, grounding and calming. I now run beautiful mindful breathwork classes with sound from the Harbour House in Aberaeron, 11am on Mondays and 9.30am on Tuesdays, the perfect start to the day and week.




I always love my Monday and Tuesday classes with my little growing local tribe of Mindful warriors. Making a difference in the community, bringing calm, being present, encouraging, empowering and endorsing the importance of finding time in ones busy weeks to nourish and rest.


Awaiting you will be a roaring fire, essential oils burning, mats, sheepskins cushions and rugs. All you have to do is just bring yourself and an open mind, all egos to be left at the front door please! Nothing to think about, nothing to worry about, nothing to do.


I will teach you how to regulate your breath so your body and mind becomes calm, restful yet alert. Coherent functional healing breath, taking you into a calm and restorative space, activating the parasympathetic nervous system through the nasal breath and powerful vagus nerve stimulation. Providing you with tools that you can take away to reduce worry, anxiety and provide an overall feeling of well-being, mentally, physically and spiritually.


Learning to meditate guided by the breath, with an instructor can be physical mentally and spiritually powerful. Smiling with kindness on a busy mind and using your conscious breath as an anchor into the moment is key. Self care is not selfish it’s essential to ensure you are the best version of yourself. It's the perfect environment to "just be". After all we are Human Beings not Human Doings!


£10 per session. Including organic coffee and cookie afterwards.


There is a maximum of 8 in each group. I also offer 121 and couples/ friends breath sessions. Are you unable to attend in person as live away or overseas and need to feel a little of this? If so I can also be accessed on The Source app. The most fabulous affordable app full of international breathwork masters offering a plethora of healing techniques, just download and get your earphones on. Many of my classes and sessions are on this app and are accessible for you. What’s not to love x

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What are the benefits of breathwork?

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It can help with:

Finding time to just be. 5 minutes a day of structured breathwork can change your life.

Be present in the moment, recharging your own batteries so that you can be your best version when caring for others, supporting family, friends and everyone that is important.

Appreciate the beauty and complexities of your mind, smile at your thoughts without judgement, don’t look to give them a back story and then anchor yourself back into the moment through the breath!

Breathwork is a game changer, take yourself out of your head into your body - your own internal world.

Breathwork can change your physiological experience for the better, transforming your life.

Body healing, memory increases, blood pressure drops, anxieties reduce, aides sleep, reduces cortisone, increases dopamine, strengthens diaphragm, stronger core, slimmer body

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"Breath Work followed by the Ice Bath @ 7degrees. I did not expect it to be as cold as it was, but felt amazing once we did it. And then some time in the hot tub to get over the shock. Jen is an absolutely wonderful lovely host who goes above and beyond in your time there. Would 100% recommend going if you want to start your wellness journey or just fancy a break"
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