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Meditation Italy

Grow your Wellness with Seedlings

Proudly providing authentic and organic wellness experiences offered through bespoke events, harbourside stays, UK and European retreats.

Rest and reset your mind, body and soul with us 

Jen Bailey Hobbs

Meet Jen Bailey - Hobbs

Seedlings Retreat Host, International Breathwork Instructor, Cold Water Therapist, Restorative Yin Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

Following a very successful and rewarding, public sector career, I have embarked on my own wellness journey. Everything I endeavour to do is delivered with love and good intention and driven by my desire to provide safe authentic wellness spaces.


Welcome to our website, we so hope to host you one day.

To learn more about me and my story visit my About Jen page

Why grow your wellness with Seedlings?

green leaves

A wonderful poem about our classes written by Marie - Claire, one of our special clients

Ahh it’s Monday
I can breathe again
On my way to see Zen-Jen
Choose a mat snuggle down
Eucalyptus all around
Breathe in 2, 3, 4 Out 7, 6, 5
Oh I feel most definitely alive
Thoughts will come and go
Come back to the breath
Be one with the ground
Just listen to the sound
Vibrations of the bowl
Makes me feel whole
I Let it all go Inhibitions won’t show
Totally connected
Still where I lay
Wiggle your toes

green leaves


“Jennifer Bailey-Hobbs you are one incredible powerhouse of a woman who is absolutely on her right path!!!
Thank you so much for creating this amazing environment for the retreat this weekend at Seedlings Retreats and Holidays!!! Pure perfection and absolutely no stone was unturned as always! You have such a natural ability to provide a safe space where true healing can take place. A space which welcomes vulnerability but provides support, strength and sisterhood to enhance the healing.
I know we spoke loads about how much this weekend was needed, but man am I moved by what the weekend allowed 9 other beautiful women to experience. I am so grateful to not only be able to experience this with these incredible women but to walk alongside you, friend to friend, business owner to business owner, and see you continue to grow and develop yourself and your very special business.
Thank you to both you and Chris for putting your heart and soul into everything you do at Seedlings Retreats and Holidays."
green leaves

- Bethan

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