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Jen Bailey Hobbs

Hello, I'm Jen

Seedlings Retreat Host, International Breathwork Instructor, Cold Water Therapist, Restorative Yin Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

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Following a very stressful, yet successful, public sector career, I have embarked on my own wellness journey. Everything I endeavour to do is driven by my desire to provide safe authentic wellness spaces.


Welcome to our website, we so hope to host you one day.

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My Story

Many years of Heartlead leadership within a Policing environment has infused me with a plethora of skills which have made me, broke me and thankfully made me again. I am now on a path that continues to serve others sharing the wellness skills that has enabled me to become my best version.


I am now a wellness advocate, qualified international breathwork master, meditation leader and cold water therapist. Not forgetting Reiki master, retreat host and qualified adult teacher, coach, mentor and event manager.


Founding Seedlings Retreats and Holidays, providing bespoke wellness retreats in Wales and Italy, and luxury holiday experiences at our home in Aberaeron, seemed the most natural step to take. Providing environments that truly nurture growth is our aim which we proudly achieve in abundance.


Trust us and join the Seedlings Tribe today where you will experience the most luxurious exquisite holidays or embrace all we have to offer through organic bespoke authentic wellness.

“ Why not grow your wellness with a Seedlings Retreat! “


Weekly classes also provided for the local community in West Wales, day events for corporates and weekend / week retreats hosted providing safe environments where significant growth and transformations are evident.

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